In-house Measurement and Testing Services

Our Machines, Our People will deliver Balancing, Dimensional Gauging, Final Machining, Crack Detection, Spinning and more with an AS9100 / ISO9001 certified Quality Management System.

Low and High Volume Runs
Lead Times from 1 Business Day
AS9100D and ISO9001 Certified
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Final Machining

Precision services for your products

Our in-house Measurement and Testing services team will gladly assist with everything from prototype balancing and gaging to product evaluation and master certification. Our partial list of capabilities is below. If you don’t see what you need, call us — we can help!

Contract Balancing

In-House Balancing Services provided on one of our 15 Balancing Machines

Product Research & Development

In support of our customers’ ongoing product development and product improvements. We will provide a detailed measurement system study and any value-added services required

Engineering Studies

Do you have a non-conforming product? or maybe warranty issues? we can provide a correlation study and/or engineering study to help you better understand rotor dynamics

Spin Testing

Understanding the dynamics of rotors at high speed can be an important element of a successful balancing operation

Crack Detection

In-house Crack detection services can be provided on one of our Crack Detection machines

Dimensional Gauging

Our machines are equipped with high precision balance spindles that are perfectly suited for dressing out as a Dimensional gauge

BTI Machines

Reduce Capital Expenses & Improve Leadtimes by choosing BTI Measurement & Testing Services

Don’t wait on Capital Equipment. Outsource your balancing needs to BTI M&T Services. Or better yet, we will run production while we build a piece of equipment to meet your specifications.

Superior Quality & Uptime

Our Engineering staff can support on-demand production requests from the in-house balancing division

High volume, quick turn-around capabilities

We can and will staff three shifts per day to run 24-hour production as needed by the customer

Global Reach

Our BTI Logistics Team can move parts cross boards for international customers. Also, we are eager to setup a local operation and expand footprint to meet customer needs

Our contract balancing service will ensure your customers get what they need

We will provide machining operations, balancing operations, spinning operations, part washing operations, and more. We are a group of Measurement and Testing Technicians eager to meet customer demand.

Industry leading balancing machines

Hard bearing digital balancing machines designed for high volume applications and flexible tooling changeover

Workholding Tooling Inventory

Over our 50 years of existence, we have built a sizeable inventory of workholding tooling

Robust quality control

AS9100 certified quality control starts with Job Order Setup and flows through work instructions to the manufacturing floor

Schedule a tour of our facilities

Want to see our facilities and learn how we operate? Schedule a tour so we can learn more about your measurement and testing needs, and how BTI can help you deliver the highest quality parts.

Solve your balancing needs fast

Need help balancing parts? Balancing machine need to be serviced or repaired? Need to order parts? Regardless of your problem, BTI can solve it quickly and completely.