Measurement and Testing Services

From field services to in-house balancing, we can help you ensure product conformance and quality.

In-House Services

  • Non-destructive testing
  • Balancing
  • Gauging
  • Crack Detection
  • and more…

Field Services

  • Machine Calibrations & Certifications
  • Aftermarket Retrofits & Retools
  • Electronics Retrofits
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • and more…

In-house measurement and testing services

We can assist with everything from prototype balancing and gauging to product evaluation and master certification. Our team can scale to 24-hour production and handle the quality control required to ensure success.

BTI Machines

ISO 17025 field certifications and calibrations

High-quality machine calibrations and certifications start with dialogue and discussion about the products being measured and the master rotor used to certify the gauge.

Machine Certification and Calibration

Our team will calculate measurement bias associated with the gauge, enabling product quality assurance.

Master Rotor Certification

BTI Laboratories will execute a dimensional certification and a residual unbalance certification ensuring that the rotor is appropiate to conduct a balance machine calibration.

Calibration Weights

Our standard practice calls for use of three NIST traceable calibration weights during the course of our machine certifications. This ensures the machine is linear and accurate across the range of incoming unbalance.

Computer & PLC Retrofits

No matter the brand, BTI will replace your existing computer with a new, industrial BTI computer. Basic and complex solutions are available for any field installation request.

Additionally, we offer Programmable Logic Controller upgrades, delivering advanced control software to meet the most demanding applications and specifications. We have broad experience with different brand controllers including Rockwell Automation and Siemens.

parts, service, and repair

The Parts Department at BTI is here to serve, our service starts with effective Material Resource Planning driven by historical demands and forecasting of wear items. The Service Department is on call around the clock ready to deploy to the field when called. Our Repair business leverages the in-house manufacturing and assembly capabilities of the BTI Capital Equipment organization. Ship us a spindle, an electronic assembly, or other products and we will attempt to repair the item here at BTI.

Providing Parts & Service Worldwide

Robust Parts Inventory

Over 11,000 Items in our Inventory Master with Automated Stocking Levels driven by calculated Material Resource Plans.

Remote Diagnostics

All BTI equipment is equipped with TeamViewer for remote access and remote control capabilities. If security protocols disable TeamViewer, we can diagnose issues over the phone or via video conferencing.

Emergency Parts

The BTI Machine Shop and the BTI Electronics Shop will work around the clock to fulfill demand for emergency parts.

24-Hour Emergency Hotline

Our 24 hour service help line, 734-214-2678, is rotated amongst our BTI Service Technicians cell phones. You will reach a real BTI Service Team member that can help solve technical issues.

Field Service & Maintenance

Field service and regular maintenance is critical to machine uptime. Our Team will deploy to your facility for support.

Aftermarket Retools & Refurbishment

BTI Engineering and BTI Field Service will Team up to repurpose your existing equipment. We can do everything from a complete rebuild to new Work Holding Tooling.

Have a challenge you can’t solve? We can help.

Our team of Measurement and Testing experts have over 50 years of experience. Give us a call and we’ll walk through your problem and how best to solve it.


The science of balancing is important to our Team. We strive to be a trustworthy and reliable source of balancing knowledge.


Our goal is to react quickly and positively to any and all customer requests.

you can trust us to deliver, quickly and responsively

We understand that successful Test and Measurement projects can lead to positive business outcomes. We are willing and able to react with speed in the pursuit of customer objectives

We have the expertise and team to solve any problem

Our science is multidisciplinary and involves a crossfunction team: Mechanical Engineering, Tolerancing Stackups, Electrical Circuit Design, Rotor Dynamics, Software Engineering, Electrical Instrumentation Development, and more. Measurement System Analysis is the final component, confirming repeatability and accuracy.

Expertise = Breadth + Depth

Our Company has 50+ years of experience in Measurement & Testing Equipment. Our in-depth knowledge alongside our ability to take on adjacent applications has served our customers well.


From our humble beginning on Enterprise Drive in Ann Arbor, we have grown into a leader with over 13,500 machines shipped worldwide.

About Balance Technology, Inc

Headquartered near Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA), Balance Technology Inc. (BTI) is a thriving precision measurement and testing company with a strong domestic and international presence.

Since 1968, our company has set the standard in industrial precision measurement and testing. We specialize in custom-built, combination machines designed to meet your exact specifications, including: Combination Equipment, Balancers, Crack Detection Systems, Dimensional Gages, End of Line Testers, Final Assembly Equipment, Surface Measurement Systems, and more.

Our BTI Services organization can help with everything from field services to in-house test and measurement. Our remote diagnostic capabilities and global reach enable us to provide 24/7 service to clients worldwide.

Years of History
13,501 +
Machines Shipped
10,000 +
Customers Served

Featured Clients and Projects

Electric Vehicle Solutions

Electric Vehicle Solutions

Designed for Electric Vehicle Permanent Magnet or Induction Motors. High-Speed Spinning and Balancing solutions will mimic in application conditions and produce high quality rotors.

Prototype Testing, Research & Development

Our in-house measurement and testing group will provide the data inputs to design high quality products. Additionally, the in-house measurement and testing will improve the design and performance of Capital Equipment.

More Info

In-House Balancing Production

The Customer was supporting end of life automotive components and needed more balancing capacity. During the New Equipment proposal process, our Team agreed to run the production volumes needed to maintain market demand.

Contract Measurement & Testing

BTI M&T Services Tooled up an existing Vertical Balancing Machine to handle the customer parts. We adjusted the software to include correction mapping into the semi-automatic machine. BTI M&T Services was running customer parts within 3 weeks

Field Computer & PLC Retrofit

Competitor Balance Machine PC Retrofit, Fully Automatic vertical balancer with welding unbalance correction. 300 Hours of field service support to execute a large PC & PLC field retrofit.

Retooling & Upgrades

Most Electronics, Motors, and Instrumentation were completely overhauled / replaced. The Customer ended up with essentially a new machine at half the price and half the lead time.

6 Station Balancer

Made for balancing high volume automotive transmission components. Punching application for unbalance correction method, laser etching, and vision system for barcode tracking.

Accuracy & Linearity

A 3x4x3 accuracy and linearity test was conducted for each plane. Testing was performed with the balance master. Average errors less than 1.2%. These results satisfy the requirement average error ≤ 10% of expected value for unbalance values larger than the unbalance tolerance. The largest individual error was 2.6% at the measure station.

Vertical Balancer with Drill Correction

Semi-Automatic Vertical Balancer with Air Actuated Work Holding Tooling. Drilling Application for unbalance correction method.

Repeatability – Type 1, Master Parts

Three 30-sample studies were performed using the Master Parts. Results for Study Variation, SV = 5.15σ are ≤ 10% of tolerance.

Solve your balancing needs fast

Need help balancing parts? Balancing machine need to be serviced or repaired? Need to order parts? Regardless of your problem, BTI can solve it quickly and completely.